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Written By: BRFM Admin
Last Updated: 09 Jul, 2013
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About Us

The idea for a community radio station based on the Isle of Sheppey was created back in 2002, when a group of radio enthusiasts, campaigned for a community radio licence from ofcom. After several name changes and hours of RSL trials, BRFM finally got its 5 year community radio licence, which meant the Isle of Sheppey was given its own radio station to compete with Local Radio in Kent, and prove to become a huge success.

Since achieving the 5 year community licence BRFM has been based on the windy cliff edge in oak lane Minster from its premises commonly know by the team and listeners as “Windy Ridge”. Bridge FM commonly know as BRFM 95.6 broadcasts 24 Hours, 7 Days a week, run by a group of dedicated volunteers, who enjoy entertaining the people of Swale and beyond.

In May 2011 BRFM Applied for an extension on its current 5 year licence, and was successfully granted by Ofcom a further 5 years and will continue to broadcast across the Isle of Sheppey until 2016.

From June 2011, BRFM has over 15 dedicated volunteers, and a dedicated Management & Sales team. The Radio station not only continues to move forward, with a large following in Swale, and attracts many listeners from the expected local community, and also from further afield. Listeners have reported hearing BRFM in Southern France, Australia & New Zealand.  

If you would like to know more about BRFM or have any questions/queries, do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail: [email protected] 

".....BRFM 95.6 - Truly Local Radio for Swale"